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This equipment is available both for prestressed (late-demoulded) and post-tensioned (immediately demoulded) sleepers. Detensioning wrenches, depending on their design, mostly unscrew several anchor nuts in a synchronized manner on both sides of the mould for a uniform application of the stressing force to the sleeper, which reduces cracking.

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Sleeper production. We supply automatic stressing and destressing equipment for the various processes in the production of prestressed concrete sleepers. This includes CNC-controlled button-heading equipment, automatic stressing and destressing machines with built-in spindle extractors for sleeper production in stress-resisting moulds.

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#salcefgroup #railwayproduction The Salcef-Siegwart plant in Cairo. In less than three years, #Salcef produced and laid over 460,000 sleepers for the renewal...

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The company offers the full engineering of a sleeper plant. Offer. Full design of prestressed concrete sleepers in accordance with customer’s specifications. Engineering of factory layout and buildings, utilities, etc. Design and building of machines and equipment. Engineering and production of moulds; Installation as a turnkey project

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Concrete sleeper production plants Nowadays, railways and railway networks are equipped with concrete sleepers. Industrial preproduction and highly automated machine technology is needed to meet the high demand from private industry and the public sector.

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Production investments costs (turn-key plant), cheaper than any other type of control sleepers; Longer lifetime of twin-blocks concrete, produced according to our technology (over than 35 years) Cheap raw materials can be used, ensuring the best sleeper's resistance values, thanks to the simultaneous vibrator and pressing process

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Concrete sleeper production plants The expertise and technical knowledge that Weckenmann has created and developed for the precast concrete industry since 1965 also allows the setting up of modern and successful production plants for track and turnout sleepers made of prestressed concrete.

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The plant specialist Vollert is implementing a new concrete sleeper production plant in Baku. In conjunction with this, apart from development services for the modern plant technology, the company is also providing extensive engineering services for the planning and realisation of the track system for the Azerbaijanian capital's underground railway.

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This know-how is the basis of our industrial production system, which ranges from design to construction of railway sleepers and precast concrete systems. Production takes place at the Aprilia industrial complex which covers 284,721 m 2 and is managed by Overail S.r.l. (formerly Vianini Industria).

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A concrete sleeper is a type of railway sleeper made out of steel reinforced concrete. Concrete is good in resisting compressive stress but is very weak in resiting tensile stresses. Hence reinforcement is provided in the concrete wherever tensile stress is expected. Since elastic modulus of steel is quite high compared to concrete, the force

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The Abetong Long Line SystemThe Abetong Long Line System was originally developed in 1960. It is characterized by the use of long casting beds in which sleepers are cast as continuous beams using quadruple moulds placed one after the other. The sleeper beams are left to cure inside the mould overnight and the day after cut into individual sleepers using a diamond cutting unit. The production ...

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The sound radiation from an individual sleeper can be considered as that from a flat rectangular surface located in a plane baffle. Its lower surface is hidden by the ballast and can therefore be neglected. Sleepers are typically 2.5 m long and 0.2 to 0.25 m wide. The vibration of concrete sleepers has been described in Section 3.7.

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Asia’s leading manufacturer of railway sleeper production equipment. The technical & design of pre-stressed concrete railway sleepers & production methods have been developed over many years with RMA Co., Ltd staying at the front offering the most cost effective solutions that meet our customers’ requirements.

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Our main area of activity is the development of manufacturing processes for the efficient production of pre-stressed concrete sleepers. Founded in 2002 by the entrepreneurs Klaus Mamedof and Johannes Hölzl, P-TEC emerged from the former sleeper division of DSI (DYWIDAG Systems International).

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